CloudCath is offering a sensor enabled digital platform For peritoneal dialysis patients that provides early complication detection and safely reduces the number of monthly patient visits.




PD Cost drivers for providers

High infection driven costs:                                         

Not capturing infections early results in an escalation from a $20 antibiotic based treatment to a $25,000 3 day hospitalization.

High compliance assurance costs: 

3 visits to clinic per patient per month, 1 with a nephrologist and 2 with a nurse practitioner.

No solution for remote treatment efficacy monitoring:

The efficacy of the dialysis process and peritoneal membrane permeability still relies on monthly blood draws.

Patient difficulties with PD

High infection related concerns:

High continuous concerns about infection origination.

No treatment visibility:

Have to visit clinic 3 times a month increasing burden of compliance.     

No access to individual safety data:

The lack of a dedicated patient interfacing management platform results in many unnecessary precautionary visits to dialysis outpatient clinics or emergency rooms.