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CloudCath is dedicated to better health outcomes for people with treatments that require catheterization and advancing real-time fluid analytics and remote monitoring of infectious diseases.

CloudCath is founded by graduates of the Stanford Biodesign Innovation Program, which was formed for the development of new and transformative medical technologies. The founders were particularly interested in the fundamental shift from in-center brick and mortar facilities to remote home-based care. That passion for deploying cutting edge technology to meaningfully impact lives and provide unprecedented data driven remote patient management led to the founding of CloudCath in 2017.


Flagship Product

CloudCath Connect™ PD

The company’s lead product is a remote monitoring device for patients undergoing peritoneal dialysis (PD). The platform merges innovations in optical analysis and cloud computing to deliver continuous monitoring from the comfort of a patient’s home with state-of-the-art technology that integrates seamlessly into the patient’s daily PD protocol. By sending real-time notifications to both clinicians and patients, CloudCath Connect™ PD is able to facilitate the patient monitoring of dialysate fluid for safe home use of PD.

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Management Team

Aly ElBadry

Chief Executive Officer &

Berkley Nelson

Head of Commercial

Eric Yu

Chief Technology Officer &

Chris Pell

Head of New Product Introduction

Don Williamson

Chief Medical Officer & EVP of Clinical Operations

Michael Gidish

Head of Finance &
Commercial Operations.

Brian Fisher

Chief Operating Officer

Mayya Yukilevich

VP of Business Development

Board of Directors

Ali Ojjeh

Board of Directors


Kate Rosenbluth

Board of Directors

Santiago Perez Teuffer

Board of Directors

Clinical Advisory Board

Glenn Chertow

Clinical Advisory Board

Michael Fischman

Clinical Advisory Board

Benjamin Briggs

Clinical Advisory Board

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