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CloudCath Announces Collaboration with American Renal Associates in Pre-Market Clinical Study for Peritoneal Dialysis Patients Innovative Remote Monitoring Platform Will Be Tested for In-Home Use

Jun 3, 2021 | News

San Francisco, CA, June 8, 2021 – CloudCath, developer of a remote monitoring and predictive analytics platform for catheter-based treatments, today announced a collaboration with American Renal Associates (ARA), a leading provider of outpatient dialysis services. In a U.S.- based, pre-market clinical study, ARA will evaluate the use of CloudCath’s System by peritoneal dialysis (PD) patients. PD is a method of dialysis allowing patients to administer their own dialysis treatments in their home.

Operating 239 dialysis clinics in 27 states and Washington D.C, ARA partners with approximately 400 nephrologists to advocate for better care and better outcomes for more than 17,000 patients with end stage renal disease (ESRD).

“We are pleased to partner with CloudCath through the clinical evaluation of an innovative technology that can dramatically shift the way patients use peritoneal dialysis,” said Ann Mooney, Vice President of Clinical Research at American Renal Associates. “We recognize the heightened sense of urgency for both patients and medical professionals to feel more confident in the self-administration of home-based dialysis care through remote monitoring. Peritoneal dialysis has demonstrated significant health benefits and increased quality of life for patients. We believe CloudCath’s remote monitoring device can greatly benefit the 60 thousand U.S. patients that currently utilize PD.”

CloudCath’s remote monitoring and predictive analytics platform is initially being applied to improve care for PD and ESRD patients. By analyzing the drained dialysate captured from home-based PD cyclers, the CloudCath System will be able to gather comprehensive biological data to provide real time insights into a patient’s health.

“The clinical partnership that we have forged with ARA, one of the largest dialysis services providers in the United States, is testament to the significance of our technology,” said Aly ElBadry, CEO and Co-Founder of CloudCath,. “Access to ARA’s wealth of patient advocacy expertise and vast network will be especially valuable as the CloudCath System advances toward commercialization. We are honored to partner with ARA in a shared aspiration to bring better treatment choices to PD patients and to champion the shift toward more convenient, home-based care.”

In addition to substantial clinical, systemic, and economic value creation, home-based PD is broadly recognized as a treatment that aligns well with patient aspirations for greater convenience, including the ability to work full-time or part-time and to have a career, to start a family, own a home, and retire securely. The COVID-19 pandemic has further heightened demand for remote dialysis modalities.

Designed to advance PD care with real-time, remote monitoring, the CloudCath System can directly address the challenges associated with PD and facilitate a shift toward life-saving and convenient, home-based treatment.

About American Renal Associates

American Renal Associates is a leading provider of outpatient dialysis services in the United States. ARA operates 239 dialysis clinics in 27 States and the District of Columbia serving more than 17,000 patients with end stage renal disease. For more information about American Renal Associates, visit

About CloudCath

Incepted in San Francisco in 2017, CloudCath has developed a cloud-connected, remote monitoring platform for catheter-based treatments. The first application of the technology has been designed to improve care for PD patients. Easy-to-use and easy to set up, the CloudCath System enables dialysis providers to monitor their patients’ state and progression in real time, promoting earlier intervention and fewer hospitalizations. To support future commercialization and product development, the Company is generating evidence through a U.S-based pre-market clinical study. For more information about CloudCath, visit



Aly ElBadry, CEO & Co-Founder


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